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The Dark Side of Opportunity Zones

A panel of Opportunity Zone experts recently gathered at Connect Bay Area to provide the most up-to-date information on the hottest movement in commercial real estate today. The annual conference, held in San Francisco, drew an audience of more than … Continue reading

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SEC Considers Expanding the Accredited Investor Definition

The Securities and Exchange Commission issued a concept release on Tuesday, seeking public comment on possible changes aimed at expanding access to private securities. It includes a number of questions around growing the pool of accredited investors, such as whether … Continue reading

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The thing the bond market most feared is starting to happen

Traders have been fretting about the flattening of the yield curve — which is when interest rates on longer duration Treasury notes, like 10-years, get closer and closer to shorter term interest rates, like 2-years. The real fear is that … Continue reading

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Five Steps to Smart Multifamily Investments

Home ownership rates have fallen in recent years due to rising home values and stricter underwriting standards. As a result of this and the increase in the number of people 34 and under—the prime rental age—more U.S. households are renting … Continue reading

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Prices Keep Rising for Apartment Properties, Forcing Investors into Smaller Markets

Investors keep looking for apartment buildings to buy at good prices. The search is leading them to smaller properties in smaller markets. “Things continue to be very good in multifamily,” says John Sebree, national director of the national multi housing group … Continue reading

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Global Investors Bypass Gateway Cities For Better Returns

Concerns about Brexit, the future of the European Union and the Chinese economy keep investors flocking to the U.S. for stability, but high prices in core markets are causing foreign buyers to look for better returns elsewhere. Gateway cities such as New York, Los … Continue reading

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Why High-Net-Worth Investors Seek Increased Real Estate Allocations

Commercial real estate has been used effectively in ultra-high-net-worth (HNW) and family office portfolios as a means to enhance yield in a return‑starved market. This enhanced yield has not been lost on the greater institutional marketplace, however, where sovereign wealth funds, … Continue reading

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