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Fed’s Interest Rate Position Could Help CRE Sales Volume

  The Fed’s shift to a neutral position on rates could keep CRE transaction activity on par with 2018 levels. The current Goldilocks economy—not too hot and not too cold—is helping to keep the bears from emerging in the commercial … Continue reading

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The Hospitality Sector Sees the Entrance of a New Competitor: Upscale Glamping Hotels

Neil Dipaola, of outdoor lodging brand AutoCamp, talks about the company’s plans for a nationwide network of upscale trailer hotels. Outdoor lodging brand AutoCamp recently raised $115 million through a partnership with real estate private equity firm Whitman Peterson to … Continue reading

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The U.S. Apartment Sector Would Continue to Remain Strong Even in a Recession

In the current cycle, property fundamentals are strong enough to withstand a shock to the system. Even if there is an economic downturn in the near future, the apartment sector is likely to hold up, according to industry experts. “Apartments … Continue reading

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Here’s what rents did in all 50 states in 2018

As we’ve now officially crossed over to 2019, we can take a full look back at what happened in the multifamily industry in the year that just passed. A recent report from HotPads showed U.S. renters paid a record $504.4 … Continue reading

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Demographics, Socioeconomics Driving Multifamily Housing Demand

Demographic and socioeconomic factors contributed to significant increases in demand for U.S. rental housing, reported Clarion Partners, New York. The U.S. housing market is increasingly becoming a “renter nation,” Clarion Partners Managing Director and Head of Investment Research Tim Wang … Continue reading

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The thing the bond market most feared is starting to happen

Traders have been fretting about the flattening of the yield curve — which is when interest rates on longer duration Treasury notes, like 10-years, get closer and closer to shorter term interest rates, like 2-years. The real fear is that … Continue reading

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Five Things Real Estate Investors Should Watch

Many have questioned whether markets are at an inflection point after increases in the 10-year Treasury yield and the U.S. midterm election. In short, we do not expect a significant change in the near-term outlook. Here are what market participants … Continue reading

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