What Millennials Want


The share of millennials
who are renters; among the
remainder, 26% own a home
and 21% live with family.


The median monthly rent
millennials are paying.

The share of millennial renters has increased from 37% in 2010 to 50% today; during that same period, homeownership among this demographic has decreased by 10%, to 26%.

Two-thirds of apartment renters live in cities.


The percentage of millennials who work full time, the largest share of whom—27%— earn between $50,000 and $74,999.


The percentage of Gen Yers who expect to be homeowners in the next fi ve years.

Thirty-seven percent of millennials consider themselves “city people,” but only 13% live in or near downtown areas.

26.3 million

The number of American households composed of millennials, over one-fi fth the U.S. total.

Two out of five

millennials living at home were independent at one time.

Thirty-one percent of millennials who live at home returned there to save money for a down payment.

Source: Urban Land Institute

Read the original article here.

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